setlist from All-New poetry feature at Words In The Alley

Finally got around to doing an all-new feature.
It wasn't possible back when I was a part of that great weekly open mic series with Jack and
[info]campana , because I needed some new poems each week, just so those guys wouldn't scoff at me.
But since that got put on ice for a little while, I had some poetry stacking up.

I decided to break it all out, when I featured at Words In The Alley, the other night.

My full 30 minute set:

Oncoming Traffic

Nepal Is All Antiques

Unwelcome Signs

Daily Allowances


Love Poem #9

Swivel & Squeak

untitled postcard project poem

Scrambled Over Easy

Facebook Suggestions - See All

The Existential Chef

Living Will

Morning Theft (for cksterling )

Promise Of Night

Opening Weekend

Series of Famous Real Life Hai-Clue

Summer Blockbuster

Elementary Graduation

Mystery Left Intact

Mutual Friends As Community Property

Attention Required

New Haiku


It was a great experience, so I'm glad I finally got to do one of these. It seems like
[info]scottwoods does five or six of them every year, so I'm glad to be able to say that I've done one, at least.

It was exciting to be nervous about each poem, not having the safety net of a few old favorites sprinkled throughout the reading, in case I needed to fall. I'm sure I will learn much more from the process and the outcome, once I've had more time to reflect.

But in the end, I don't write new stuff in order to bury old poems.
I feel like writing new stuff gives me the right to still read old pieces whenever I want.
S Kreuger

one of my goddamn poems in the current issue of New York Quarterly

One of my poems (The Geometry Of Truth) is in the current issue of New York Quarterly

This issue also has an interesting craft interview with Bruce Weigl.
He admits that his impatience attracted him to poetry. He "liked how you could
cause a huge ruckus and then settle things up in a matter of lines."

He was also asked about the idea that nothing new can be said. "My response
would be so what...what's wrong with saying the old stuff again, hopefully in a way
that contemporizes the old ideas and makes them relevant again in our lives."

Reading that was comforting, because I often feel that its far easier to stumble
onto something "new." I am usually more impressed by instances
where something old is re-imagined or approached in an inventive manner.

There's another craft interview with Steve Cannon, who talks about his tendency to yell
"Read the goddamn poem" whenever poets preface their poems with background info
or explanations at live readings. "I'm a strong believer, if it ain't in the poem,
it ain't happening."

I considered writing in this blog about where my Geometry Of Truth poem came from,
but Cannon's words still echo in my head.
S Kreuger

change of address

Let the record show that I clearly prefer the format here in livejournal land

but there seems to be so much more activity and interaction over on facebook, nowadays.

So that's where I usually end up (feel free to add me over there, if I haven't already found you).

I still like having a place where I can make posts that aren't confined to twitter-sized updates, 
but LJ is using more and more annoying advertising pop-ups. So I will still check in here occasionally
to catch up on some of you, who still keep good blogs going and I might post something every now and then.

But most poetry updates will now be posted at my new blogspot:

let me know if any of you have blogspots that I should add over there,


Poem Of The Day

At this month's Glendale Community College reading, I read several poems
from Beth Ann Fennelly's 2008 book, "Unmentionables."

I read "When Did You Know You Wanted To Be A Writer?"
and "Because People Ask What My Daughter Will Think Of My Poems When She's 16"

But I also shared this one, since it was right after Mother's Day:

"I Provide For You, Boy Child, Like God"

and like God, I will cast you out.

Your eyes blue as a drowned thing.

Your harshest lesson:
you are no part of me.

Learning that
will cost you ages in which

your eyes take on the human color: grief.

Coming to words won’t even help you
name your suffering.

You will embrace
false idols.

Yet those women can let you
back in that primal crawl space

no more than I can.

~Beth Ann Fennelly

(originally published in American Poetry Review)


Highlights from last night's Mesa Slam-Off (for me, at least).

It didn't rain.
In fact, it was a beautiful desert night.

Patrick Hare's hosting skills.

Getting sent to the principal's office for chit-chatting with Cat Klotsche.
We thought we were being quiet enough.

Bill Campana's rendition of When Love Met Love.
He read this in the first round and it was the poem of the night for me, so it was all downhill from there.


The guy who bought my chapbook because he wanted to have those imitation poems that I read.
He said he's never been to one of these slams before, so he wasn't too familiar with the poets I imitated, but he loved the poems on their own and he thought my Campana sendup was his favorite poem of the night.

Meeting a few of the Tucson folks.

They were very familiar with the poets I imitated, so they were howling during that performance.

The garlic cheese bread from Queen's that Cat split with me.
We were standing downwind when an order of those walked by and she immediately went to get some for us. Delicious.

The drive-home conversation with Aaron Johnson.
The perfect post-slam wrap-up...and there was no one around to shush us, like earlier with Cat.


Crash Course In Phoenix Poetry

Here is a video of my series of costume poems.  I originally wrote these
for a Halloween reading, but this video is from the recent show at the Puppet Theater.

I was hoping to make little poet puppets to go along with each poem, but I just didn't have the time.

So here are my imitations of local poets from different scenes around the valley.

David Chorlton
Aaron Johnson
Cat Klotsche
Patrick Hare
Bill Campana
Jack Evans
Dogo Barry Graham


Setlist, lessons, etc from the HEART FAILURE reading

I wanted to kick off my first feature reading of 2010 with a bunch of brand new pieces. A few of the other pieces have only bed read once before, so all in all it was pretty fresh.

-first set-

Damned Superstitions
yet-to-be-titled Jazz conversation piece                       
Approaching The Intersection                                          (NEW)
Restraint                                                                                (NEW)
Of Doves And Olive Leaves                                               (NEW)
How To Violate Every Precept As A Touring Poet
Farmville Hell pieces                                               (NEW and sprinkled throughout my set like updates)

-second set-

What The Liberal Hollywood Elite Movie Reviewers Aren't Telling You About WALL*E
My Grandmother Never Liked You
Glass Fairway
Recycling Pangaea
Things That Make Me Cry
Miscellaneous Abominations

I love reading with writers who awe and inspire me. Jeff Falk, Cat Klotsche, Jack Evans, Bill Campana, and Patrick Hare are all amazing.

We had a nice little intimate crowd for the first round, but it thinned out after intermission. There's always a bit of a let down when that happens, but I learned a lot tonight when Bill Campana came back for his second set and dedicated his EPIC Love Poem Excerpts to the empty chairs and bellowed them with sold-out-stadium intensity. It was an awesome experience that I will never forget witnessing.

I'm beginning to like when readings like this become our smug secret, our Fight Club and whoever misses out misses out.

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Zapruder would be so proud

I didn't want that video from the Poe Show to be the only film clip of me
floating around the interwebz, so I thought I would upload a few others, every once in awhile.

In honor of Sarah Palin's addition to Fox, here is one from when I featured out at the Mesa Slam last year.

On a side note, I posted that poem on my myspace blog, sometime last year. Out of the blue,
someone posted comments on it, a few months ago. It was some hack (who calls himself "The Most
Published Poet On The Internet" BAHAHA!

I dont know what led him to my page, but he was compelled to leave THREE of his own Odes To Sarah, in her defense.
I will put a link to that blog page, in case you're dying to read his masterpiece SOLDIER FOR THE LORD
so you can put dazzling lines like "she swings our lord's swift sword" in their intended context.